I have updated my client, but still cannot get the script to push to the virtual pc. The run now status shows the script was pushed and is running, but it never shows up on the pc and of course never finishes. Any ideas?w

windows 7 32bit agent is


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  • I am using kbox to push the script.
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  • My guess would be that this is connected with how VPCs are networked, be that bridged, NATed, or whatever.

    You may want to clarify whether you mean 'VPC' as in 'Microsoft Virtual PC' or 'VM' as in 'VMWare Virtual Machine' or 'VirtualBox Virtual Machine' so that someone a little more knowledgable about their interactions with KBox has more of a clue about your environment.
  • Can you also please remove your duplicate post?
  • The script is a software installation, but the folder with the files never gets there. i am pushing from kbox, and it is an update to an existing software package. When I check the folder for the new pushed package, there is nothing - no new folder no software to install. This isn't getting to the pc. I have used the same vpc in the past for testing software pushes and never had a problem. Until now. These are vmware virtual pcs that I use to test pushing/running scripts from kbox. As far as I know, nothing has changed in the network setup. I can do a demand inventory update from kbox, so I think the connections are fine. Someone has started an answer on the other post and I don't want to remove their information...
    • it sounds like the installer requires multiple files - so then:

      1. Is it an MSI or an EXE?
      2. If it requires multiple files, have you zipped them up into one file and attached that as the dependency file?
      3. In the Run Now Status section of Scripts, what does it say in the View Logs portion of the Failed Exectution (or Deployment, if that is the case)?
      4. Have you successfully tested the script on a physical machine?
      5. Have you manually tested what you're trying to do with the script? i.e. If it's just a software install, have you tried to run it from the command line?

      It might be helpful for you to place the details of the actual script that is running so that the rest of us can try to better diagnose what might be going on exactly. Sorry for the list of mundane questions!
      • Yes it has multiple files. They are zipped. There is an msi in the zipped files. I get nothing except that it is running in the logs - it never fails and never shows up on the virtual pc. That is the problem. I have manually installed this on a different virtual pc with no problems. The issue is getting it to the pc. Not the actual running of the scripts. It never shows on the vpc at all. ie - \\vpc1\c$\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots does not have the new folder in it. It does have a couple of other folders in it, but that was before the client was updated.
      • I would try using verbose logging on your msi script: msiexec.exe /i (path to msi file) /L*v (Path to log file [i.e. C:\log.log) - let me know what it says.
  • Here's my original comments: Are you running it as Local System or Currently Logged in User or Other User? What is the purpose of the script?
  • The files contained in the zip file are an msi file and 4 files that get copied to various folders on the target pc. This is for WhitePlume AccelaCapture install - in case anyone has run into that. I have done this with no problems in the past, so I am stumped as to what the issue could be.
  • jfrank - since the script doesn't show on the vpc, do you thing that will work? I will give it a shot now. and let you know.
  • Status in run now is pending - still
    • any results at all?
  • Have you tried on a clean, different VM ?
  • still nothing. I did a single provision for the client on a clean (new) virtual pc. Again - the run now says it is running. There is nothing on the pc to be running. It did not get pushed to the pc.
    • are you running it as Local System or a logged in/other user?
  • it is an offline script. the pc is logged on as a local user.
  • I made it an online scriipt, run as my (domain admin). Still doesn't get pushed to the pc.
  • Just weird - I used to just have offline/enabled/production and push as needed.
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