Back when our K1000 was on 4.3 we created a great number of automated tickets based on certain schedules for our Facilities group. I used this article: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/how-to-schedule-the-creation-of-a-ticket as the template and a little more help from ITNinja for quarterlies. 

We recently updated to 5.5 and this is no longer giving us our expected outcome. The run log shows an email being sent, and I see it in the mailbox - but a ticket is never created.

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  • Did you ever find an answer to this? I upgraded to 5.5 two weeks ago and I am running into the same issue.
    • I haven't pursued this much after creating this post. Dell support wasn't much help either.
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  • I am glad I found this. Just spent hours trying to get this automatic ticket creation to work and it does not and from reading this it looks like it is the KBOX that is the issue.

    I wish someone had updated information on how to get this to work.
  • Hi Wil. Did you ever get your rules for scheduled tickets working? If you have, do you mind showing me how to set these rules up? Thanks in advance.
    • I haven't looked into it any further, I'm not that privy to MySQL but they made changes to the database at 5.4.

      Info from Dell:

      "Looking at the template the issue you are experiencing is due to changes to the My SQL database after the update to 5.4.
      Unfortunately I cannot offer you any help updating SQL queries.
      Our Pro Service group can help you be it would be a charge for service."

      "Database changes in version 5.4 include the addition of custom fields in HD_TICKET, such as
      CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE123, and asset objects, such as ASSET_DATA_12, FIELD_123. These changes improve maintenance, but they might require you to update items such as reports, labels, and rules. When upgrading, verify that your reference databases pass the “comparetofactory” check.

      The following article can be used to allow you to access the MySQL database on the K1000 directly:

      http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/Can-I-access-the-K1000-appliance-database-using "
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I've written a post to detail this in the newer versions of K1000:
Answered 10/16/2014 by: PHKace
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