I am using AdminStudio 6.0 Professional edition capturing on XP SP2.

After building the msi file I open it in Orca to edit and validate it.

Unfortunately when I save the msi and revalidate it I get an ICE39 error where the date modified is older than the date created.

The error occurs weather using Orca 2 or 3 and on any msi file I snapshot in AdminStudio.

Please let me know if you have had this error.

Thanks Nik[8|]
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Hey bro - howzit? [:D]

Weird one that, is there something going on with the date and time settings on your machines? Presumably you are using one machine to snap and another to validate.. ICE39 is all about the summary stream info.

You can view / set the summary stream info in u're MSI via MsiInfo.exe which is part of the Windows Installer SDK - sounds like something wrong with u're setup if it's happening for all snaps though.

Good luck,
The Deputy.
Answered 08/03/2005 by: MSIPackager
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A Up,

Thanks for the reply and advice.

MsiInfo is proving troublesome as it always writes the year as 1607 so must I be doing something wrong. No matter as I can workaround by changing the date on the PC then resaving the MSI.

Orca is taking 12 hours off the time when saving an msi. I think it maybe something to do with the fact we are 12 hours in front of GMT? I will do some further investigation and see if it is a template issue or something.

Thanks again, cheers Nikolas
Answered 08/03/2005 by: Nikolas
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What's your locale setting?
I've learned that some software is designed with only US locale in mind; therefore, if used with different regional settings, it may spit out errors, not work at all, or, like in your case, mess up dates & times...

See if Redmond time [;)] & US regional settings positively impact your situation...
Answered 08/03/2005 by: revizor
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Hi Revisor,

Thanks for the info, did what you suggested but still no change. Even changed the time in the bios to see if it would make a difference all with no luck.

Not sure what the story is I will take an MSI home to see if it is build related.

Thanks again Nikolas
Answered 08/08/2005 by: Nikolas
Senior Yellow Belt