I am trying to deploy saleforce for outlook that is an exe that came directly salesforce. This is the third version of the outlook add in that i have created. All earlier verions work fine but when i push the  software to a fresh machine the salesforce instller executes, I hit "OK" to continue the install but I get the error: The installation package coul not be opened. Verify the package exists abd that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that it is a valid Windows Installer.  I download the instller from the Kace box and execute it and sure enough it installs fine. Research says it is due to Admin rights/UAC. Anyone else seen this or know how to work around the issue. I tried to convert the exe to an msi but when it launches salesforce gives an error that another installation is in orogress and fails. The only install is the salesforce install.

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I am having exactly the same issue.  If I push the MSI file, the install works fine.  However, you need to have the Visual Studio and PIA for Office installed as prereqs or the install fails.

If you go the location and from cmd line run salesforceforoutlook.exe /extract, you will see they have the files required:

1  for office 2007 PIA

1 for Office 2010 PIA

1 for visual studio 2010 tools

1 for outlook add in


All MSIs.  Now I am just trying to figure out how to either deploy all 3 or perhaps script to install all 3.

seems to be progress, but I know not a full answer.  


Answered 04/10/2014 by: jeremyricci
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  • Thanks. This is rather odd. When i push the package from the KBox it fails with the above error. When I run a straight install it works fine. I have office 2013 and installed all the VS and Office PIA + outlook add in installed from the previous release of the salesforce for outlook add in.
    • That's why it's so frustrating. I am going to try to get a ticket going with Dell and if I find some resolution, I'll certainly post it. But just like you, I know 100% the file is okay, even if I download from kace and install with the .exe it's fine.
      • Thanks. I found out that the Salesforce installer prerequisite checker fails even if you have a components installed. If you do not have all component installed the prerequisite checker will automatically download and install the missing components for you but than the installer fails. The prerequisite checker is the problem, it fails/crashes the installer
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