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I create MST's for my job, and have been for yearts, but recently ran into an issue I can't seem to understand.  The MSI needs to be installed twice, one for a test instnce, and once for a Production instance.  I have created transforms for both, and named then "Test" and "Prod".  Whichever one i run first (say "Test" in this scenerio), it runs fine, I can see the MST is being used.  When I go to run the Prod MST, it pops up the option to Repair/Remove/Modify" the Test instance.  If I rename my Test MST, I get an error when running the Prod MST that the transform is not valid.  I am running the install via batch file, and they are corect.  When I creted the MST's, I gave them both new UpgradeGUID and ProductGUID.  i get the same behavior if I install Prod MST first (runs correctly), then run Test (it wants to repair etc. Prod).

I have unstalled, rebooted, checked the registry for the GUID's and removed them after an uninstall, etc.  I have created brand new MST's using a new MSI, as well.





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You can't install a msi twice on the same environment. If you install first the msi with the test mst, then you have to remove the msi and install it again with the prod mst. Is no other way to do this. Maybe only if you create two msp instead of mst.

Answered 05/22/2013 by: terebent
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Transforms can be applied only during the initial installation. If there is a change in transform, the product(msi) would have to be uninstalled first and install again with the new transform.

Answered 05/21/2013 by: SnowLyric
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  • Let me get your question correct first of all. The two environments you are talking about, these are like two different users , right? So, are there any group policies in force, which have set the installation to be on a per machine basis rather per user basis, in which case, what SnowLyric says might be true. Else If its a per user install, we can add a launch condition based on system search to install particular mst, depending on the type of environment detected during search.
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