I'm hoping someone has experience with this.   We have a number of PC's that spend their days communicating back to the Corporate network via a cellular modem installed the their vehicles.    We are in the process of piloting the k1000 for patching and file distribution tasks.   However, we'd prefer these tasks don't occur when a device is connected through a cellular modem due to excessive costs associated with data overages.

I'm aware that time windows could be set for k1000 tasks, but we have users that could be connected 24x7.   I'm interested to know that either at the agent side or server side IP restrictions could be made?

thanks in advance

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  • If those machines get a different IP address you can give them a different label and not target that label for anything. So if NetMotion gives another IP, the label changes.

    example - IP is it its a label that says internal. Then the car leaves and on the cell it gets IP address and checks into the KBOX. If you built the label based off of the 192 ip the label will change since it doesn't match to something like Cell Connection.
  • great suggestion Nshah!! I'll try that tomorrow, appreciate the response
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create a smart label that includes the internal network subnet in it's criteria and distribute to that
Answered 08/30/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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