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Wise Package Studio 8.0 doesn't support setup capture of 64 bit applications because the snapshot technology in it does recognize the 64-bit portion (folders and registry) of 64 bit OS. I know most of the 64 bit applications are developed in MSI format but there will few applications (browser plugins like flash shockwave etc..) which we will have to repackage. Sometimes even vendor provided MSIs will have to be repackaged if there are any problems.
If WPS 8.0 cannot be used to repackage the 64 bit applications is there any other way like tweaking WPS 8 or any other tool to repackage the 64 bit applications?
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Hi ,
What i've heard is that AdminStudio will support 64bit repackaging very soon. (q1?)
AdminStudio is also my favourite because of the support of Virtualization solutions like App-V, XenApp and ThinApp.
Answered 01/05/2010 by: jaybee96
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From my recollection, MS made it *very* clear to vendors that Thou Shalt Deliver Thine Applications In MSI Format.
Answered 01/05/2010 by: VBScab
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Thanks! Keeping aside the fact that all vendors will deliver their installations in MSI format. If we have to setup capture and/or repackage a 64-bit application for any reason then how do we go about it?
Answered 01/05/2010 by: chprakashs
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I am now beta testing the 64bit repackager and it looks good! If everything goes well this should be available before the end of Q1
Answered 01/07/2010 by: jaybee96
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At the risk of totally stepping off the lines of the original post, how has the experience been with the new Wise 8.0 products? I'm using Installation Studio 7 now and went round and roudn with symantec on the release of 8. It has to be the worst release of a product ever (from a presence perspective). I couldn't find anything on their website that talked about it, and this was less than a month ago. My whole ordeal started in trying to determine if I wanted to switch to Package Studio or stick with Installation Studio. I really miss the repacakger but used SMS Installer when needed. But I don't need the centralized features with WPS since there's only a couple of us doing installs. To add more insult to injury, we'd have to get the higher level WPS in order to get the script editor which is the vast majority of what we use. Given that we're moving more and more to App-V, I'm seriously considering admin studio but am reluctant to approach that learning curve after 10 years of what I already know. What are your thoughts on the new WPS? Which flavor did you get? etc... Thanks
Answered 01/08/2010 by: Chipster
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From my recollection, MS made it *very* clear to vendors that Thou Shalt Deliver Thine Applications In MSI Format.

Well, my experience tell me that atleast Adobe and Microsoft themselves will keep giving us surprises in the future...
Answered 01/14/2010 by: Bobo
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