How can i remove shortcuts in start menu for java 1.7.0-45
(i use installshild )

Thank you

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See Jaybee's answer - this worked well for me.


You can add a Custom Action (1122) to your Transform file, where you run this command:

cmd.exe /C rmdir "%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Java" /S

to remove the Start Menu shortcuts. In the InstallUIExecuteSequence table you set the Sequence ID of this Custom Action to '3183'. Which is then between the InstallJava custom action (3181), which apparently create these shortcuts, and InstallFinalize (3185 - See more at: http://www.itninja.com/question/java-jre-7-40#sthash.wBBNfzkJ.dpuf

Answered 10/29/2014 by: indierox
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>What would need to be added to this to make it where the folder is deleted from start menu?
Nothing. It can't be done with arguments to MSIEXEC. You would need to either do the deletion within a command file (as per indierox's answer) or add a Custom Action to a transform.

I would strongly recommend that you use a transform, particularly as you'll probably want to deploy the two, er, deployment files if for no other reason than to prevent the brain-dead "out-of-date" messages that your users will eventually receive. These two files are documented to death here and elsewhere. Use system-level files rather than user-level files, unless you want to get into even more complication with Active Setup, etc., etc.
Answered 09/07/2016 by: VBScab
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You'll no doubt be aware that the installing MSI is merely a container for a ZIP and a CA to extract the content of that ZIP so editing the Shortcut table - the usual route - won't help as it doesn't exist!

Long and short? Whatever method you use to execute the MSI will need to be amended to include a step to remove the shortcuts, be that CMD, VBS, PS, whatever.
Answered 10/29/2014 by: VBScab
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  • I know this is old but what would the command line be?
    I currently use this as my install file command
    msiexec.exe /qb- /l"vx%LogPath%\Java.log REBOOT=ReallySupress UILEVEL=67 ALLUSERS=2 JAVAUPDATE=0 /l jre....msi

    What would need to be added to this to make it where the folder is deleted from start menu?
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