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I have this entire office packaged, including Outlook. Now I want to install office without the outlook for certain users, Can I use the same pacakge and exclude outlook by a command line? Or Do I have to package the entire again?
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You'll want to create a separate transform for the installs that dont need outlook, and can then specify the mst with the TRANSFORMS= property on the appropriate installs.

You'll need the office resource kit, instructions and info here:
Answered 03/19/2012 by: Moedius
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  • Thanks for the reply.
    Do you mean I need to create two MST's and use it for different users on bases if they require outlook or not.Is there a way I can use the command line to remove Outlook
    msiexec /i "MSI" Transforms="MST" Remove=Outlookfiles
    I know this is not a correct one. Just an example, if there is a possibility. Because I already have a office pacakge with the outlook. Is there a possibility to hide the Outlook if users dont need, and unhide outlook if users need them.

    Please Advice
    • If I create MST with outlook and use it on an office installed machine, I get a window stating , previous version of office is installed , remove it to install this. So should I create two pacakge? one with outlook and without. So I will not be able to install another office on a machine that has office 2003

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I got it working. I changed the Install Level of the Outlook. Now Outlook does not install. Thanks for your Ideas
Answered 03/22/2012 by: shamu99
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I have not tested it but you could try using the REMOVE property to remove the outlook feature. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa371194(v=vs.85).aspx
Answered 03/20/2012 by: henrik80
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  • It did not work. Is there any other possibility, other than me having it to packgage it twice, one with and without outlook.
  • Package it once and use the MST in which you have removed the outlook feature and then install Office.