Question for this forum. I know there are dozens of ways to do the same things in computers and the world of packaging but what is the preferred method of running MSI's?

Assumption - your deployment tools is SMS/SCCM

A. When you have a MSI you always use a .MST to perform all custom actions. (run a custom action that does post install settings as an example)

B. Wrap your MSI in a tool like Wise Script Editor which runs your MSI and then does any post config steps you need done?

C. A combo of both?

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Our preferred method is MSI. We transform Vendor MSI's, and deploy only MSI.
If I have a need to create a Wise Script it would be wrapped in an MSI.
Answered 12/06/2010 by: reds4eva
Second Degree Blue Belt

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I avoid WiseScript like the plague, on the basis that anything that can't be done in an MSI can be done by a much more widely used and supported scripting technology, VBScript.

For example: find some WiseScript which correctly handles the installation of Excel add-ins. Now find some VBScript. I probably only need the fingers of one hand to count the number of hits for the former...
Answered 12/07/2010 by: VBScab
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Thanks for your feedback VBScab and since you seem to know a lot of good stuff may I ask you another question? Doing Bing and Google searches for MSI & MST info returns tons of info that is a pita to sift through. Do you have a doc that clearly illustrates how/where to place your Custom Actions in a .MST to do pre & post tweaks to your machine? Here is exactly what I mean.

We all get stuck in our ways (at least I do) and what I've done for years is this. I wrap everything in a Wise Script (.wse file) and compile it into an .EXE. In this wise script I can do any pre-game work I need (i.e. uninstall an old version of software, clean up desktop icons etc...etc....). Then I run my .EXE or .MSI/.MST to install the new software. Then, I can do my post-game config. Run an Excel macro, tweak the regisry, add custom desktop icons etc...etc...

So if you have a link to a site that shows how/when/where to trigger custom actions to handle pre & post tweaks that would be great.
Thank you for your time and help.
Answered 12/07/2010 by: mhsl808
Fifth Degree Brown Belt

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