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I've converted a App-V 4.6 package to V5 (because to source files are nowhere to find). the only problem is that application cant start because he is missing some files (delphi runtime files). The files are in the package (VFS --> SystemX86 ). when i manually copy the files from the app-v cache to the SysWow64 folder it works fine.

Does somebody have a clue why the application wont look in its own bubble ?

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  • It's odd because it should check the System32 folder by default in the sequence - check the path environment variable and add the path to the files if necessary.

    Maybe it's a quirk of the conversion, assuming the 4.6 version worked on a 64bit system.
  • i think i will contact the vendor to obtain the installer files. i will convert the old packages (not made for the target OS) only if i really cant get those files.
  • have you also checked the security permissions on the system32 folder where the dephi files are?
  • what you can also do is during sequencing: add the files to the SysWow64 folder - that way these files are captured.

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