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Hi eveybody,

I recently upgraded Quest Kace server to version 8.0.318 and agent to 8.0.152. since then, every new client provisioning fails.

In the provisioning log there's written

"ERROR: A WinRM timeout occurred during install. The 'MaxTimeoutms' WinRM setting on the target device may need to be increased. - FAILED"

What is it ? Where I can find it ?

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Andrea Gennari

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  • Hello Andrea, did you find a resolution to the issue? I too am experiencing the same issue after upgrading agent to version 8.0.152.
  • We just updated as well and I am receiving the same error. Was there any resolution to this?
  • This worked for me:
  • KACE removed the option to uncheck "use winRM"

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