I install and deploy suceessfuly  the package Dragon Naturally 13 on a machine by Kace K1000, but I can't run the program. When I double click on the shortcut nothing happens.
What's the problem? Can you help me please?

Thank you!
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Can you provide more information?

What are the troubleshooting steps that you have taken thus far?

Have you tried rebooting? (IT 101)
Have you looked at the Task Manager to see if the program is running?
Have you tried doing a repair from Programs and Features?
Event Log entries?
Was it a Managed Install or User Console Library install?
What parameters did you use?
Did you consult the all mighty oracle? (Google)
Answered 08/04/2015 by: h2opolo25
Red Belt

  • Yes I have reboot computer. When I look the Task Manager, I see Problem Report Windows (32bits) and when I go to maintenance center, it shows me 1603 A fatal error occurred during installation.
    • Well there you go. Your installation did not complete successfully. Look through your logs and see if you can enable verbose logs on the install to get more information about why it's not installing correctly.
      • When I look the KAgent.log, it shows me:
        [2015-08-04.14:24:01][KDeploy:DoesTokenHaveLSAPriviled] DoesTokenHaveLSAPriviledges returning: 1
        [2015-08-04.14:24:01][KDeploy:KLaunchClientImpl::Launc] KLaunchClientImpl::LaunchInSession cmd=[C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads\8545\setup.exe /s /v"TRANSFORMS=setup.MST /qb"] path=[C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads\8545]
        [2015-08-04.14:24:01][KDeploy:KLaunchClientImpl::Launc] KLaunchClientImpl::LaunchInSession - CreateProcessAsUser returned successfully
        [2015-08-04.14:24:07][KDeploy:KLaunchClientImpl::Proce] KLaunchClientImpl::ProcessResults - End
        [2015-08-04.14:24:07][KUserAlert:KUAApp::Run ] KUserAlert: Mkrfile for EXIT found, closing
        [2015-08-04.14:24:07][KUserAlert:KUAApp::Run ] KUserAlert: closing, wait 1 sec and delete files
        [2015-08-04.14:24:09][KDeploy:CDeployController::Run ] KDeploy Sending success to server: FS[none],MI[8545,]
        [2015-08-04.14:24:09][KDeploy:CDeployController::Repor] FS - (empty), MI - (8545,)
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][KDeploy:main ] KDeploy ----- Ending KDeploy.exe -----
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][runkbot:KLaunchClientImpl::Proce] KLaunchClientImpl::ProcessResults - End
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][runkbot:ProcessOps_LaunchProgram] runkbot ----- completed -----
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][runkbot:main ] runkbot ----- Exiting runkbot.exe -----
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][pluginRunProcess:KLaunchClientIm] KLaunchClientImpl::ProcessResults - End
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][pluginRunProcess:LaunchProcess ] pluginRunProcess ----- Returned 0 -----
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][pluginRunProcess:LogDebug ] Exit code from 'runkbot' '6 1287144000 -noLogUpload': 0
        [2015-08-04.14:24:10][AMPAgent:kpiKmsgrMsgDoneCallback] KACE Agent Lib: main: kpiKmsgrMsgDoneCallback: msgIdDone=800260, statusCode=0
        [2015-08-04.14:24:15][AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents ] Running on thread 54c
        [2015-08-04.14:24:15][AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents ] Setting connection callback for WRITE
        [2015-08-04.14:24:16][AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents ] Running on thread 54c
        [2015-08-04.14:24:16][AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents ] Setting connection callback for
      • It shows me a problem of configuration. It tells "natspeak is incompatible"
    • what command are you using to install??
      • setup.exe /s /v"TRANSFORMS=setup.MST /qb"
  • I install Dragon by calling the MSI file directly.
    You could try.
    msiexec /I "Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13.msi" /passive /nerestart TRANSFORMS=setup.MST

    To further troubleshoot try adding Logging to you command
    setup.exe /s /v"TRANSFORMS=setup.MST /qb /L C:\LogFIle.txt"
    • Bare logging is next to useless. Always use verbose logging:

      /L*V [path_to_and_name_of_log_file]
      • It shows me a problem of configuration. It tells "natspeak is incompatible"
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