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I'm planning a re-package of AutoCAD 2006 for use within our organisation. We have recently migrated (40 odd) offices to AD and wish to leverage its features such as GPO deployment.

Currently, out AutoCAD installation is conducted using a BAT and installs from a network drive. The process is something like this:


  1. Check for presence of existing ACAD customisations folder on users network home drive. Delete older versions if needed and copy new versions over (these are custom corporate workspace settings).
  2. Check for, and remove if present: AutoCAD 2002/2004, Express Tools, Migration Assistance + other tools
  3. Clean up any left over folders from uninstall
  4. Clean up desktop shortcuts + other shortcuts


  1. Execute AutoCAD 2006 deploy.exe created using AutoDesk Deploy Wizard (AdminImage)


  1. Remove some default plotters, styles, template, textures
  2. Remove default shortcuts (*.lnk)
  3. Prompt user for required discipline (e.g. Civil, electrical, mechanical, etc)
  4. Copy appropriate *.ARG to user network drive and desktop shortcut (*.lnk)
  5. Update registry for company standard company scales
  6. Update registry with codes for StrucPlus (AutoCAD plugin)
  7. Prompt user for office location
  8. Update registry with network license server information appropriate for users physical location. This is important as we have license servers scattered across the planent and the user needs to use the correct server(s) in regards to licensing compliance.


Our apps are being deployed via Active Directory Group Policy Objects. These GPOs are assigned on a per-computer account basis (as opposed to per-user). As such, the installation is done pre-logon and in a non-interactive manner. This is set in stone and cannot change as it is part of our AD model.

My issue is this: some of the pre- and post-installation tasks need to be executed in the context of the user. There are two details which need to be supplied by the user (discipline and location). Some of the tasks (Pre: 1, Post: 4) require access to the users network drive (not available pre-logon).

Any suggestions? A VBS/VB app could be deployed with the package which can be run first before the user launches AutoCAD to do the necessary steps. This creates user impact though.

Have the package perform a custom action where it joins a group which pushes out a script to perform the user-specific tasks? At the end of the script execution, it could remove itself from the group linked to the GPO. The issue with this is that the computer would need to be added to the AutoCAD app deployment group and the user added to the AutoCAD app config group.

Neither of these are particularly graceful. This will package will be deployed to hundreds of desktops: loss of productivity is not acceptable.

So I ask you learned people, what options do I have? Is there a blindingly obvious solution which I'm missing? :)

Edit: I'm using Wise Package Studio Professional.
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