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We're having trouble deploying PGP desktop without a restart. I've tried both adding the /norestart and REBOOT=ReallySuppress switches to the MSI command line but to no avail. The install works correctly with the options needed but I just cannot stop the automatic restart of the client afterwards.

If I run this from a CMD line on a test machine there is no reboot. So it seems theres something in SCCM triggering this. Any suggestions?

Below is the command line we're using in SCCM. I've tried both /norestart and REBOOT=ReallySuppress seperately and together... feel like I'm losing the battle. Help!


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Update: The install was returning exit code 3010 which was causing the reboot. The only way I could prevent the reboot was to wrap the install in VBscript which returned the exit code as 0 for this package. VBscript code I used: 'if return code is 3010 script reports return code of 0 on exit (prevents mandatory reboot) 'if return code is any other value script reports that value on exit (allows correct error reporting) Dim Retval Retval=0 Dim WSHShell Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WSHShell.Run "msiexec.exe /i PGPdesktop.msi /qn /norestart TRANSFORMS=NPcustom.mst", 1, True Set WSHShell = Nothing If Retval = 3010 Then Retval=0 WScript.Quit(Retval) else WScript.Quit(Retval) End If
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1. Check, Is there any custom action in the vendor MSI which is scheduled to initiate reboot forcefully after installation.. If so, comment that custom action.

2. Is there any property like 'RebootYesNo' in property table with 'Yes' value.. If so, Please change it to 'No'.. Also check, are there any other property releated to REBOOT in the property table..

3. Please see the below link for SCCM part


Answered 06/28/2012 by: jagadeish
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  • Hi Jagadeish,

    Thanks for your response. In the MSI under the _installValidate propety I've found an entry ScheduleReboot with a value of 20 and also a ForceReboot with Value of 16 not sure what these values refer to. Should I create a MST with these fields removed?
  • Comment 'ScheduleReboot' standard action in both Execute Immediate and Execute Deferred sequences if it is not conditionalized..
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