Im trying to deploy Oracle 12c via SCCM and if made a packet with a CMD File to install through a .rsp Files and also for uninstall.
My problem in the uninstall is that the CMD window won't close after finishing the deinstall procress, what can I do to close that window?

Im using a .rsp file for the uninstall process and also the silent command.

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  • Use the cmd.exe /c <path to cmd file> method of calling your cmd file. The /c switch will cause the cmd window to close when your command script terminates.
  • I think there is an option to run -silent with -noconsole
    • That does not work! Because there is no -noconsole Option
  • ECHO Installing Oracle CLient 12c
    "%~dp0setup.exe" -silent -nowelcome -noconsole -waitforcompletion -noconfig -responseFile "%~dp0client.rsp"
  • Do you know if Oracle client registers in ADD/Remove programs? I dont see anything?
    Thank you
    • No... Because Oracle is totaly bullshit. U can't deinstall it anyway if it where there...
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