I am attempting to deploy open office 3.4 VIA Group Policy i have a MSI of openoffice and i can get it to deploy but there are some modifications i want to make and im unsure best way to do this. what i would like to see happen is

1. Dont have openoffice appear in start up menu
2. get rid of splash screen (I attempted to modify the .Cab file with no luck.
3. also a method of cleaning up old folders 

I dont know if creating a batch file would do this best of if theres a way to edit the install with use of a MST

Any advice or help would be appreciated.  

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I would deploy the MSI in a batch file then use a couple of post commands to do the cleanup you want. 

You can delete the link and folders with "del and rmdir" commands

Disable the splash screen by using text editor such as notepad.exe to edit soffice.ini. The path will vary depending on your version of OpenOffice.org. Then deploy the edited ini also.

Find the line that looks like this:

[Bootstrap] Logo=1

Then, change the 1 to a 0. Save and close the file. That's it.

An alternative method is to append -nologo to all the OpenOffice.org shortcuts. It's easy to create a one shortcut, but it is tedious to change all the launchers. The Logo=0 method is easier.

Another alternative is to simply rename or delete intro.bmp:


Answered 07/05/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • To modify that file i have to unpack the .Cab witch is fine i can do that and edit file (I have done this) its when i go to repack the Cab that i get a error about files missing when i can look into the cab and see that file is in fact there.
  • Install on one machine. Capture and upload the ini file to the K1000 and deploy as post dependancy. The file will then overwrite the one from the msi deployment on the rest.

    The file missing could be a CRC check thing and even that it is the same name it is not the same file.
  • *feels like a noob* completely lost me with that last bit.
  • Sorry, referring to the cab fle error you get. Compressed files can be crc checked to see if they have been altered or corrupted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_redundancy_check
  • But with the ini. Install open office on your machine and use a text editor to change that file. Upload that file to a share location.

    You said you are trying to deploy the MSI as a GPO, call a batch script instead of the msi only. have the script
    1 install Open Of
    2 overwrite the soffice.ini with the one from your machine
    3 delete the lnk file from the start menu
    4 any other clean up needed
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Is this .ini file in file table? If so, perform administrative install for a MSI package and overwrite the old ini file with updated one in the extracted locaiton then start installation using admin image.

Answered 07/05/2012 by: jagadeish
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