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Hi Community!

I have a Problem with an old VB6 Setup!

For testing purposes I have logged on on a test mchine and have added a Setup.lst File.

If I try to install this VB6 Setup, logged in into the OS System, with the following syntax, triggered from an VBScript

    Setup.exe -s Setup.lst

the Installation goes through without the Need of any userinteraction, but there are Dialog Windows, which Pop up shortly and disappear.

If I try to distribute this script and Setup through our Software Distribution System, the Installation hang during the VB6 Setup.

Other Software pieces like an Installshield Setup work well.

It seems that this VB6 Setup try to Display this Dialog window, but they are not neccessary, and because it is not able to Display it, it hangs!?

Do you have similar experiences with old VB6 Setup.exe files?



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  • Does your "Software Distribution System" allow you to run the VBS as another user/admin? Some installers do not work with the SYSTEM account.
  • Additionally, does the installation work via psexec.exe (-s ..\Setup.exe -s ...\Setup.lst)?
  • @worzie Yes, the Software Distribution System runs with local admin rights.

    @rad33k No psexec is not able

    My idea is, that the VB Setup would like to interact with the Desktop, an because it is not possible it hangs?!

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Repackage it.

Also, please remove your duplicate post. It's bad form to re-post the same question just because you haven't received any responses to the original post. If the intention was to rephrase the post or add data, then edit the original.

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  • It was not my intention to create a second post. Since I'm new to this board, it looked like my first post had been deleted.

    Do you know a free repackaging tool?