i am deploying office 2007 on XP client, i create office 2007.MSP file and saveded in update folder and also i xetrect SP3 and copy all MSP file in updte folder.

then i create package and send to destbution point then creat program on command line I try setup.exe \adminfile office 2007.msp also i try setup.exe \adminfile \\serversharename\update\office2007.msp


no meter what I try i am geting command line can not execute 1608 error

this is i am doing for XP client


please bit help


thank you


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  • What i did was created a batch file with all the commands that are needed. Then i copied the script into the software upload or into my zip file that i uploaded. Sorry i did it both ways. Onsite is faster if i just use the script then offsite for us.

    Then i just pointed the main install to the script. my script is below. This works on All operating systems.
    rem @ECHO OFF

    set fpath=\\cdhisprojsvr01\Software\Applications\Microsoft Office\Office 2007\Pro Plus 2007

    ECHO Installing Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. Please Wait.
    "%fpath%\setup.exe" /adminfile CooleyInstall.MSP
    Echo Installing Office 2007 SP3. Please Wait.
    "\\cdhisprojsvr01\Software\Applications\Microsoft Office\Office 2007\Updates 2007\office2007sp3.exe" /passive /norestart

    ECHO Office Installation Complete.
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Answered 09/17/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • thank you i made it work but now some of my client i am geting 1603 error and if i try manule install it will writw few obaject and then start removing, and i looked the drive space and permision everything ok
    • are these machines up to date with Win Updates?
  • yes all client up to date, thank uyou
  • one more question, whre i can modify my MSP file to remove old office to remove and install new office, thank you
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