Please forgive my naivety and for asking what are probably simple questions:

I'd like to create a script to run a couple EXEs sequentially on a few PCs with a certain software and a certain top level version of said software.

First: how do I create a Machine label based on installed software & version? I've created a Smart Label using the wizard that selects on the software title and used an OR opperator to choose my versions. It tests fine at creation, but once created the label shows as having no PCs associated with it. So I'm scratching my head on that.

Second: the actual script. I haven't created any scripts previously. As mentioned above the purpose is to run two EXEs, one after the other. Should two Tasks be used to perform this? In which steps (Verify, On Success, Remediation, etc) do you recommend preforming the main action?

Thanks in advance!

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  • For your first issue, I suspect it's timing. Machine smart labels don't actually get the machines associated to them until they check in again. We do this so that the information used to sort the machines is always as up to date as possible.

    I'd force a couple machines to check in and see if they get put into the label. If so, this is your issue. If not...well, time to troubleshoot the label.

    Your second issue is more a matter of personal preference and if the second exe relies on the first one being installed. If there's no relation between them, then you can put them in the same task (Both in the Verify step). If the second .exe relies on the first, then you should put them into seperate tasks. Task 1 installs the first .exe and breaks on failure. Task 2 does a verify for the first .exe and then on success runs the second .exe.

    Hope this helps!
  • Welcome to the community. Kace is simply great.
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