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I am facing the following problem scenario:

  • build an MSI the normal way ex: MyTest.msi
  • rename it, leaving the msi extension. ex: MyTest_V1.0.0.msi
  • Test it, it works. install success.
  • Again repeat process. this time rename to ex: MyTest_V2.0.0.msi
  • Test it, and it fails with a 'network error', while the file is on a local disk.

"A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file MyTest_V1.0.0.msi"

What gives, can't we simply rename an MSI file? Is there some issue that prevents this? Now i stuck in this. please guide.

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  • When you are installing it, are you installing it manually (i.e. double clicking on it) or by linking it up through a program like Microsoft Group Policy?

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