Here is what i have so far, it deletes the files in the folder, but i cannot get it to delete the actual folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated:


Dim objFSO
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

strSourceFolder = "c:\test"
intDel = 0

dtOld = DateAdd("d", -intDel, Date)

Set objFolders = objFSO.GetFolder(strSourceFolder)

ForEach filIn objFolders.Files
   IfDateDiff("d", fil.datelastaccessed, dtOld) >= intDelThen
      objFSO.DeleteFile fil.Path
Set objFSO = Nothing

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Answered 05/01/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • This syntax works like a charm: forfiles -p "C:\temp" -s -c "cmd /c del /Q /S @path" /d -1
    • and this actually deleted the folder and no the files: FORFILES /P C:\K1000Backup /S /D 0 /C "cmd /c IF @isdir == TRUE rd /S /Q @path"
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doesn't seem to work get this error with this syntax: 

ForFiles /P C:backups  /D -4 “CMD /C if @ISDIR==TRUE echo RD /Q @FILE &RD /Q /S @FILE”



Answered 05/01/2013 by: areiner
Fourth Degree Black Belt

  • does not look like there is a " in front of CMD and at the end looks like more of a O circumflex
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I've used this in Powershell before.

$Now = Get-Date

#Enter number of days to check here.

$Days = "2"

#Path to File.

$TargetFile = "c:\temp"

$LastWrite = $Now.AddDays(-$Days)

$Files = Get-Childitem $TargetFile -Recurse | Where {$_.LastWriteTime -le "$LastWrite"}

foreach ($File in $Files)


    if ($File -ne $NULL)


     write-host "Deleting File $File" -ForegroundColor "DarkRed"

     Remove-Item $File.FullName | out-null




     Write-Host "No more files to delete!" -foregroundcolor "Blue"


Answered 05/01/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

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If you want to delete the folder, why bother faffing with deleting the files first? Just use the DeleteFolder method! :-)



Answered 05/02/2013 by: VBScab
Red Belt

  • Well I am running an FTP back up of my k1000 box to a network share which is backed up nightly by Avamar. The k1000 generates a folder that the back ups are in with the same name scheme every night with the date. So i want to delete the old one so we only have the most recent one backed up via Avamar.

    that may make no sense, it's early here, haven't had coffee.
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