My company has Changed IM systems and we are now using Lync but we still have the old client installed. I want to remove Pandion from our systems but everything I ahve tried has failed. We have already given up using SCCM because but I would like to show off with KACE and uninstall the software to show KACE is a better product. I have not been able to create a script that will unistall it and I would really like some help.

Anything that can help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • >everything I ahve tried has failed.
    How has "everything" failed? Should we just guess?!? Have you taken a verbose log of the uninstall?
  • We Tried to uninstall using the product codes but it fails remove it. The program appears to install via profile specific and not across all profiles so SCCM was not able to remove it. I have tried using the MSI installer to make a script via the easy uninstaller but it does now work when deployed. Also when I tried this we could not make it silent which is another issue.
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Look in the registry under HLKM\Software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall

there are a group of folders under this keyset, search for Pandion and see if there is a key named UninstallString.  If there is a MSI listed add a /qn to the end of the string shown and try that.  you can create an MI(uninstall) or a script using that string

Answered 06/03/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • SMal.tmcc, I tried searching under the Key you suggested but I could not locate anything for Pandion scripting. I am going to try a general search to see if I can locate anything. Thanks
    • you can also try looking under C:\Windows\Installer for the msi, windows stores install msi's here. using explorer go to this directory and then on the column headers in the right window, right click and add "authors" and "subject" see if you can spot the msi here and use msi uninstall commads with that msi file.
  • The solution on this one was actually pretty simple once I found the switches I had to use. I built a software distribution use /u and it uninstalled like a charm.
    Thanks everyone that posted.
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