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Hello everyone,

We are migrating over to Outlook 2007. Microsoft Office 2007 is already deployed to the workstations. I now need to add Outlook 2007. I built the original Office 2007 deployment via the OCT tool. I've recently created a new .msp to just install Outlook 2007.

Question is, do I need a separate config.xml file to do this? I would imagine so. And if yes, I think I need to specify a line in the config.xml called <configuration product=" "> Does anyone know what the setting is for Outlook? For example, Microsoft Visio is called "VisPro" but I don't know what the syntax is for Outlook 2007.

I have the Outlook .msp file placed in the Updates folder on the file share. I just having problems as to where to place the config.xml (or create a new one) to point to it so it only installs Outlook 2007 and not the entire version of Office 2007.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
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From memory (I can't get to my client's staging server at the moment), I think the product is still "Enterprise" (or whatever level yours is) and you need to specify 'OutlookFiles' as the OptionID. Even though you specify 'children=force', you may also have to explicitly add other features, e.g. 'OneNoteToOLAddin'. Check the original CONFIG.XML (a back-up of which you took, of course...) for Outlook-connected features and experiment.
Answered 12/18/2009 by: VBScab
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Well, I think I made some progress but still missing something. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Created a new .xml file based off of the original config.xml. I named it AddOutlook.xml.

2. Within the file I made the following edit:
<OptionState Id="OUTLOOKFiles" State="local" Children="force" />

3. Once I ran the command line to run setup and pointed to the the new .xml file it started to work. I then checked the Office 12 folder and discovered that the outlook.exe has been installed.

The question remains is that I created a .msp file called outlook.msp which contains modifications as to how I wanted Outlook to install; specifically adding the shortcuts to the desktop and start menu. If I'm not mistaken, it seems you can't specify a new .xml file and .msp file at the same time because this only works on the initial installation.

I guess your suggestion got me half way. Any other suggestions to add Outlook 2007 to a current installation of Office 2007 and include the shortcuts via .msp?
Answered 12/18/2009 by: aquarta
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Okay did more investigating. It appears the only thing you need to do is just make a .msp file combined with msiexec.exe. Problem is the shortcut icons don't appear unless you run the .msp twice!! The first run the shortcuts are broken, the second time the .msp is run the icons appear.

Of course running it twice doesn't make sense at all. What could I be doing wroing? Am I going in the right direction with just building the .msp to add Outlook to the Office 2007 installation?

Anyone else with suggestions?
Answered 12/21/2009 by: aquarta
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