1st post here but used to check from time to time :-)


well, i got a probleme with an MSU deployment,

i could get the wording to install it, BUT i still get a probleme on HOW to deploy it ...


actually :


wusa.exe \\DFS_folder_here\Windows6.1-KB2460922-v2-x64.msu /quiet /norestart


fine, this is in a batch.

now the question is where do i put this batch ?

as a startup script ? would run every reboot...

add a "flag" test ? don't really like the idea but still if i'm stuck with it ...


"RunOnce" registry key ? heard it's not the best way to do it...


Psexec ? got to do it on 700+ computer -_-'


we unfortunely do not have SCCM


is there another way to deploy MSU that i missed ?

if not which one would you choose and please, why ? :-)


sorry if i'm bothering you with my question but did not find "the" answer i was looking for until now :-/

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You can use the Windows Update Standalone Installer (more at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/934307)

wusa.exe \\server\Share\Windows6.1-KBxxxxxx-v3-x86.msu /quiet /norestart


Answered 10/29/2012 by: bkelly
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If you have a domain you could use a GPO deployment (you could wrap the command line in a vb script).

How do you manage all of your other patches, Windows update, or a 'local' WSUS server on your network? - could you authorise the patch to go out that way instead?

The easiest way with a batch file would be to place a 'flag', as you suggested, with an 'if exist' line to prevent it from rerunning.


Hope that helps,


Answered 10/29/2012 by: dunnpy
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Thanks for your answer and sorry for late answer but :

@bkelly actually, this is what i wrote... my "problem" is how to start this command "properly".


@dunnpy i do get a domain (DFS ;-) ) but i must admit my vb scripting skills are close to (naaah ... they ARE) level ZERO...

We use WSUS on each site in our domain and a GPO force windows update to check his site WSUS. Other application are either deployed from MSI or packaged as MSI. unfortunely as far as i know i can't manually add an MSU update to WSUS without SCCM ... right ?


What i don't really like in the batch option is :

even if it check that flag, it mean the batch is running, and i'd like to prevend multiple batch making a check at each and every startup.

because if i do it once ... i can bet some more are coming later.


another option might be repackage this MSU as an MSI ... and apply a WMI filter ... what about it ?


Thank you in advance.

Answered 10/31/2012 by: Khepesh
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