Has anyone else had a similar experience with desktops freezing or appearing to close programs?

INFORMATION:  We patch once per month on the Friday following Microsoft's patch Tuesday or a week later.

Today, I deployed Luis 3 App Test 3 and Luis OS Critical Patches 3 to about 20% of our machines. Not that we're all the same with our patch labels, but we use a fairly baseline set of patches from these labels. I had not seen any issues with the test patch runs that ran prior to today.

PROBLEM:  A couple handfuls of staff reported machines closing all programs shortly before getting our reboot prompt. The programs are actually still running, but all the UI's are gone as well as desktop icons and the taskbar.

I thought it might be Office 2010 Sp2 or KB2859537 (MS13-063). I still have about 1300 machines to deploy patches to.

TESTING:  I removed O2010 Sp2 and MS31-063 from 3 lab machines, then built a label and deployed both patches one at a time to my lab test label. I did not see the freezing or closing program issue again.



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  • I have not had any issues with this patch yet, but I am not running office 2010 SP2. We do heavy testing, 3 weeks worth, prior to deploying company wide. I will be sure to report back any findings.
  • There have been several office updates recently that cause explorer to crash so the program runs but no UI. Including KB2817320, not sure about this one in particular but it wouldnt be all that unusual.
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