We've just implemented our new Kace box and finished our first six blocks of training. I was attempting to set up a managed distribution for Office mix using the .exe. As I was going through the test machines it was pushed to I found that several of the machines that said it had successfully install on did not have office mix listed in the Programs and Features and did not show up in power point. I'm not sure if it is something on the machine that gave this false positive or if the distribution was setup incorrectly. Has anyone else come across this?
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  • Which Software inventory item did you attach the office payload to? Also wouldn't an office application require more than the .exe?
    • It's just pointing back to the software portion under inventory where I uploaded the file. It's just an add in for PowerPoint and the only other information I found about installing it pointed me to the default install instructions for the software which can be found with the following link.

  • This false positives also occur with software using a command file. We could not fine any answer as to why this has occur
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