I successfully made a package from V7R1M0. But when I try to launch it, it installs something else and asks to reboot because there's a pending install. IBM i series client is not yet installed. But when I reboot and retry the install it continues and installs V7R1M0 and upgrades my previous V6R1 that was installed fine. So I can say that it's all good.

But I must install it in 1 pass where it's 2. My question is if anybody knows what is installed before the application? Is it the language pack? (MRI2924)
I only took the MRI2924 in the install. I have a verbose log if somebody can look into it?

How I made it:

1.Copy the image32 (from the DVD) and language folder (for me MRI2924) in a new folder.
2.Download the latest patch from the IBM site
3.Launch this exe you downloaded
4.Choose to extract all files to the folder you just created in point 1. Click yes to overwrite all files.
5.Now that you have an updated install cd you can make an administrative install with "setup /a"
6.I use 7zip to compress it and save disk space and bandwith.
7.Copy 7z.exe, a batch file that will execute everything, the compressed cd.
8.The batch file look like this:

md c:\v7r1
7z.exe x V7R1M0.7z -oC:\V7R1
cd c:\V7R1
REM Start installation V7R1M0
start /w msiexec.exe /I cwbinstall.msi CWBSHOWWELWIZ="no" /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress ALLUSERS=1 /liewa "C:\v7r1m0.log"

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  • Does this actually work silent for you? That command line initially runs cmbinstall.msi silently but it looks like that msi runs cwbinmri.msi which does not run silently. I cant figure out how to do the entire install silently.
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I'm working on the 64 bit version of this. it looks like this needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 first before it installs. can either of you post what you did to make this work? it would help other from having to do the same research.
Answered 06/26/2014 by: heidcinti
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  • I have only the x86 version with update 50567 slipstreamed. I tried 4 different C++ 2005's but don't know the link any more. Can you try the 2005 versions?

    Otherwise look on the original cd of the IBM install for file beginning with "vcredist". That should be the good one.
    • right, I have those files, and i can get the kace to install them, but i'm still having troubles getting the V7R1 I access to silent install. can you provide any help with that?
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I might have just figured it out. i went into the original 64 bit setup folder and into the Setup.ini file. I changed the "EnableLangDlg=Y" to "EnableLangDlg=N" and copied the MRI2924 directory into the install directory. I zipped it all up, installed that to the kace 1000, and ran it as a post install package with a command line of setup.exe /V/qb /S

Answered 06/26/2014 by: heidcinti
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  • nope, now i'm getting the "a system restart is pending, you must restart the computer"
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currently there is an issue with the installer please read the following from IBM which has the solution for this issue.

A system restart is pending.....

if your running this installer on Windows 7 x64, you will need both MS VC++ Redis x86 v8.0.61001, and x64 v8.0.61000 on the machines.

getting it to silent install is another story on itself for new machines or newer OS

Answered 05/21/2015 by: goofyerr
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Ok, I figured it out. I installed V7R1M0 in 1 pass without reboot between 2 installs.

Answered 01/13/2014 by: kingskawn
Senior Purple Belt

  • I'm wondering if I could contact you to help me with this. I work for an IT department and we are trying to automate a lot of the installs we have for PC's going from XP to 7. I'm looking at making the iSeries a silent install but have had no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hey K, what was your solution to slipstream the install into one package?
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