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I have a package that is set to deploy silently using a vendor msi and mst. After installation, a splash screen prompts asking if I would like to register.

I am hoping someone out there can help me understand how I might go about learning how to suppress the prompt; not for this particular application, but how would I go about learning how to do this? What tools might one use, and steps to follow? I know I can call the vendor and ask, but I want to learn how I can diagnose and solve this myself.

The only thought I had was to take a snapshot before launching the application, and another after responding to the prompt, but that doesn't tell me if a property exists in the MSI to suppress.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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look in your custom action and installexecute tables and see if there's an action doing it.
snapshot prolly not a good approach.
Answered 11/03/2009 by: aogilmor
9th Degree Black Belt

Take a look at the "property" table in the MSI, and look at all of the properties that are in all capital letters (public properties, these can be passed directly on the command line.)

Some of these properties are common to all MSI's, but anything to suppress a license is probably going to be custom. If the vendor followed naming conventions that don't suck horribly, you might find something that refers to license or registration (APPREGISTER or LICINSTALL or some such.) If you do see something that seems promising, do a search in the tables (probably in InstallExecuteSequence) for the name of the property, if you're lucky you'll find a value in the condition table that will say PROPERTY=xxxxxx, maybe more than one. From there you can go and check the actions the condition is executing, and select appropriately. Otherwise, If you've found more than one, try them all on the command line until you get the desired registration behavior. Pass them with msiexec.exe /i <packagepath> PROPERTYNAME=xxxxx /qb. Remember, all caps is important!

Of course, before you do anything, you should probably google the app and see what the internets have to say.
Answered 11/03/2009 by: Jsaylor
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good point, sometimes you can disable the registration or whatever by setting a property (most likely though, the popup itself comes from a CA...no way to tell without looking at the MSI).
Answered 11/03/2009 by: aogilmor
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