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I have been asked to package a product called Leica Cyclone 7.1. Turns out its a right pain. After running the vendor install executable, i found that it installed .net 3.0 SP1, C++ 2005 redist, a product relate runtime called Leica Runtime and finally the product it self.

During the install, i found the temp folder where the above are extracted and have taken a copy to work with. Everything was pretty easy to package up to the actual product, which on the surface looks like a legacy installation (a bunch of DLL's, setup.exe, CAB files etc) needing to be captured into an MSI.

This is where the problems start. When i fire up setup.exe, i select the installation options i want but during the actual install i get prompt for the location of DATA2.cab. I cannot find this CAB file anywhere. Even if i pause the OEM vendor installation, DATA2.cab is no where to be found.

Any ideas on what i'm missing?



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Sometimes the cab files and msi files will be extracted to currently logged in user profile's AppData folder instead of %Temp% folder.. Check it once..

or else

Use Windows Search option to catch the DATA2.cab file at the time of installation..

Just enter data2.cab in search box and start installing your application, as soon as it get extracted, windows search will catch it and show you it's exact location..


Answered 06/18/2012 by: jagadeish
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If you are sure that the main product is not an MSI, I suggest you do it this way:

1. Install these 3 products before doing the before snapshot - .net 3.0 SP1, C++ 2005 redist, and product relate runtime called Leica Runtime

2. Install the cyclone using the original setup.exe and do the after snapshot then do a cleanup for extras.

3. Verify if .net 3.0 SP1 and C++ 2005 redist are already deployed to production machines and if yes, remove it in your chain installs.

4. Chain the cyclone runtime as prerequisite to your main app and you are done.

Answered 06/18/2012 by: dj_xest
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Hi, I've been working on Leica Cyclone 7.4 for a while. Eventually I found this site http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/doc/Helpnet/installshield12helplib/IHelpSetup_EXECmdLine.htm where the switch /extract_all was documented. This switch allows you to extract all files, including the data2.cab, from the setup file to a specified folder.

Extract all files from the original setup file

Leicasetup.exe /extract_all:"<path to folder>"

From the new folder you run

setup.exe /r /f1"<Full path to response file.iss>"

to record an response file to be used when you run the installation in silent mode.

To perform a silent install run

setup.exe /s /f1"<Full path to response file.iss> /f2"<Full path to logfile.log>" /v"/qb"

The /s switch tells setup.exe that it should run in silent mode and use the specified response file and log file. The /v swich passes the /qb switch to tell Leica Runtime to run a silent install.

Answered 09/12/2012 by: pindar
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