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I am testing both the Latitude 5300 & 5500. I use the SDA 6.1.251 and the Dell driver feed. Everything imaged good. Machines are stable. When I connect to the D6000 universal dock the display on the external monitors flickers and when I move windows I get trails and crumbs left behind. I have updated every driver including the dock driver.  I've even tried downgrading drivers. Nothing seems to fix the issue. I have tried connecting to a WD19 dock and I get no display at all on the external monitors. When I connect a brand new not imaged computer to the docks everything works great. Does anyone have any idea what I am missing here?

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  • Having the exact same issue (down to the video artifcats on the D6000). I would say that the laptops are likely shipping with some driver that is not yet available to the public via their standard means...
    • I have a support case open with Quest now. We harvested the drivers from a brand new machine and I just reimaged and the Intel driver is still not on there. I just turn on the debug output log and will reimage again. I will let you know if we get this figured out.
      • Oh are you seeing that there is a missing driver or have you identified the device that is missing?
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  • I can see that there is only the basic Microsoft display driver. The laptop works great until you try to dock it. I was not able to install the intel driver. Got a message that the driver was not comatible with the processor. During imaging it says the driver installs but it doesn't. Through troubleshooting with the Quest tech it was decided that my version of Windows10 LTSB 1603 is to old and does not play well with the new processor. We tested by doing a real quick scripted install of Win 10 LTSC. The driver installed perfectly. I am now creating a new image. Not the answer I was hoping for but if it fixes my issue that is what will have to be done.

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