During deployment across about 160 machines we encountered a rather odd error.

The deployment itself went well, however after we logged on to the machines one of the two following scenarios would occur:


1. If a local account such as the local administrator logged on then windows would load pretty much infinite amount of explorer.exe processes until the machine ran out of memory and still kept on trying to open more explorer windows, around 5-20 a second.


2. If a domain account would log on the same thing as above would happen however at a much slower pace, around 1 explorer window every 10-20 seconds.


Now this didn't happen before we actually deployed the K1000 agent onto the machines.

After remotely uninstalling the agent on the machines we were able to log on without encountering an infinite amount of explorer windows.

Using a domain user account that only showed the window once every 20 sec I managed to uninstall the K1000 agent manually and as soon as the services stopped and the agent dissappeared so did the explorer.exe stop showing up every 20 seconds.

Could this be related to the K1000 agent? Or perhaps any other setting we have on the machines?

This has only happened on computers in a specific VLAN which I doubt is the actual issue.

Any ideas?

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Were there anymore tasks send to the Agents like Detect & Deploy Patches, Managed Installations or is there some kind of Scripts running on the K1000? 

Answered 04/16/2012 by: Aaron Cool
Red Belt

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At the moment of agent deployment we only had 1 managed installation running but it was targeting a completely different VLAN and only 2 computers.

The only script we have run so far is a shutdown script for windows machines but it has never targeted the machines mentioned above.

No patch deployment or detection was running.

Answered 04/17/2012 by: SHUni
Senior Purple Belt

  • What version of K1000 Server and Agents are you running on?
    What OS & Version are this Agent installed on?
    Do you know of any other software that might be causing this reaction or behaviour?
    Does this happen to all 160 target machines?
  • The K1000 agent version is: 5.3.47657
    The K1000 server version is: 5.3.47927

    This occured on about 130 of the 160 machines we deployed the agent on.

    Every computer runs windows 7 enterprise x64 and has got Office 2007, Adobe Reader, VLC Media Player installed.

    Around 60 of the 130 machines have got various special software installed but the issue is the same on all of the 130 machines.

    From the troubleshooting I've done today I noticed that suspending the "svchost.exe (LocalSystemNetworkRestricted)" service that controlls the dwm.exe actually stopped the libraries folder to pop up every 20 second on the domain user account.

    I've yet not been able to do anything with a local administrator account as the libraries folders start at such a fast rate that I cannot even start a task manager.

    Other than the K1000 agent no software has been installed on these computers for the past 4+ weeks.
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To fill in with additional info.

We've managed to locate the problem or at least what starts it all.

If the KACE K1000 agent is installed before or after an uninstallation of 1E NightWatchman something seems to go very wrong.

We're not recieving any errors during installations and uninstallations of any programs but yet after a reboot infinite amount of explorer.exe processes start once you log on.

Answered 04/17/2012 by: SHUni
Senior Purple Belt

  • To add in yet some more info / questions,

    Is the K1000 agent known to have issues with SCCM / 1E (NightWatchman) or any other agent?
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Apparently it was our UserLock Agent causing the issue of multiple explorer.exe windows opening at login.

We have now resolved this issue.

Answered 04/19/2012 by: SHUni
Senior Purple Belt

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