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So we lost all of our images when we had 2 drives fail in our RAID 5. I'm stuck at rebuilding all of our images from scratch now, which sucks - but I'm slowly building up everything again.

To get things started, I captured my sysprepped WIM image and started doing post-install tasks. None of them are working:

Intel HD drivers - zip file. I've called it with a BAT file, and even the full command "Setup.exe -overwrite -s"

AdobeAir - tried with zip file and full command:
"AdobeAIRInstaller.exe -silent {-eulaAccepted -pingbackAllowed}"

Flash MSI files won't work:
misexec.exe /qb /i "install_flash_player_14_active_x.msi"
misexec.exe /qb /i "install_flash_player_14_plugin.msi"

Any ideas? I don't know why post-install tasks suck ever since 3.6 task's engine took over. 
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  • Are you using the msiexec.exe call in the BAT file? If so could you try changing directory to the location your files are in and then running the command?
  • I've tried executing the MSIEXEC commands directly from KACE, as well as zipping a bat file and the MSI together. It doesn't work either way, and when I zip them together, I've tried putting the command in KACE as "run.bat" or even "call run.bat", and I get errors both time.

    Here is the error I get when installing the Intel HD Drivers:

    Here is the error I get when installing the MSI files:
  • Weird thing is, prior to 3.6, everything worked fine. I have no idea how people are executing post installs on 3.6 without issues. This is even a fresh K2000 OS install, and fresh sysprepped image.
  • It would be helpful if you include your ImagingTasks_id#.xml file located in \peinst\scripts.
    That will let us see the type of task and the commandline being run.
    Could be a typo in posting to itninja, but you have msiexec misspelled above, make sure that isn’t the problem on the k2.

    Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000
  • Corey - nice catch, thank you. I'm out of the office today, but will look at that tomorrow to make sure I didn't mistype it in KACE as well. I'm trying something different with the Intel HD drivers as well, so maybe that will work. I'll update this post tomorrow with an update.

  • Also make sure you are zipping up only the files and not the folder containing the files. The task engine expects the files to be in the contents folder where your file is unzipped not contents\myfiles\myfile.bat which will generate a file not found error.
  • Just an update - this is resolved now. I think the Intel HD Drivers were throwing it off. I found a new command line switch that works, and the rest of the items kick off successfully now.

    The only thing I'm still having issues with is the Wireless Config batch file.

    I have the XML file and a BAT file zipped up. The BAT file is as follows:

    "netsh wlan add profile filename="Wireless Network Connection-CUSD200-Staff.xml""

    It works in Windows, but as a post-install task, it fails. Not sure why - this has happened ever since 3.6, and it worked prior. Is there something different I should be doing?

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