Despite my best efforts and many hours of head banging, my latest image still doesn't deploy correctly. It'll copy up the hidden C drive and the D system drive, it copies over the drivers, it copies over the post-install scripts. But after everything copies it says Deployment Failed. I checked the log and it's not very illuminating. If you boot the PC, OOBE works as expected, except that the post-install tasks do not run, so it doesn't join the domain, or install K1000 agent or Sophos etc.


Using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit, Sysprep, K2100 3.5.80613.


My pre-install tasks are:


Create 2 Partitions:

select disk 0


create partition primary size=100

assign letter="C"


create partition primary

assign letter="D"



format /q /y /fs:fat32 /v:System C:

bootsect.exe /NT60 C:

format /q /y /fs:ntfs /v:Windows D:


bootsect.exe /NT60 D:

I have no mid-level tasks.

And post install tasks are:

Create a Desktop shortcut icon for all users for Banner

Run a script to join our domain

Install Sophos Antivirus

Install K1000 agent

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Try using the RunOnceEx Convertor midlevel task to make your postinstalls happen post-WinPE.  They seem to be more dependable that way.

Answered 11/21/2013 by: nheyne
Red Belt

  • I didn't know about that, so I found it and set it up. However I still get "Image deployment failed. See log for details."

    I'm checking //kbox2/petemp/W_000C299A98F7_85.log (it's 116 MB!) and I can't see any errors. Am I checking the right thing?

  • I went ahead and booted the VM I just image from above, and it goes through OOBE as usual, but after it asks for username and system name, windows update setting, time, etc., I now get a warning "Unsysprepped images are not supported at this time".

    However I DID use Sysprep!

    Man, the rabbit hole just goes deeper.
    • Interesting, that is pretty weird. Have you tried only using a single partition instead of messing with the 100MB partition? I highly recommend not including it.
      • OK, I recaptured and tried that. No go.

        Now, in my previous attempts in the last few days, if I tried deploying the image without any post-install tasks, it deployed without a problem!

        So, my question then is, is there something I need to do to the image before I capture it to make it work properly with post install tasks?

        In this image I made sure to delete C:\KACE, and emptied out C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts. I also made sure C:\ProgramData didn't have any KACE directors and same with Program Files and Program Files (x86).

        Is there something I missed or didn't do?
    • It's possible, since some of your postinstalls are custom made, that they could be failing and preventing the rest from continuing. The way to determine that would be to image with just one postinstall at a time, and as long as it succeeds add another until you find the one that is the culprit.
      • OK I'll try that tomorrow. However, the only one that is new is the one for K1000 agent 5.4.10622. The rest have all been used successfully in previous images.

        Also, the failure error occurs in the deployment environment. If anything would fail, should that happen after rebooting from the C: drive and after OOBE runs?
    • If you're using the RunOnceEx Converter then yes, it will be after the oobe.
      • I think I may have found the culprit. The command line arguments for our new Banner icon had funny "European" quotes inside of them instead of the rightful American ones. I changed that and it seems to like it. Deploying to 2 systems now.

        Man, is it aggravating when a single character substitution can foul things up so badly!!!


        So this time the deployment with the 100 MB system partition failed, but the one with just Windows succeeded.

        After OOBE, I logged in as administrator, and then it looks like it ran the post-install tasks, except for the Banner icon and Sophos. I'll have to do some more troubleshooting on that, but I guess this image works otherwise.
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