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I need some direction on where to look in order to get my devices to refresh warranty info.  If I go into the device it will manually refresh no problem.  However, I cannot get the devices to refresh without manually doing it.   

I have read about it taking 4 hours to pull info.  But I have less than 100 devices and the K1000 has been running for a few months now.  Still will not refresh automatically.  

Did I miss a setting or something?


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  • As far as I can remember the warranty info is update every 15 days and not every time that the inventory runs on the device...
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  • I've had this device longer than 15 days and unless I go into each device and manually refresh the warranty info, it won't populate or refresh automatically.
  • Did you happen to fix this issue? I know I have devices that are over a year old that don't seem to update. I'm planning on contacting support if I can't find a fix.

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