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Hi All-

Really could use some advice/strategy on how to tackle a particular issue. Our managed security provider is switching security products and has put the burden of removing their old software and installing their new software on us. They've provided us with an executable to remove the old software and then an .msi installer for the new software. We have about 700 nodes that need to be upgraded. The difficulty I'm running into is developing a method to accomplish this task while minimizing the amount of time where the machine has no security software at all. I'm also concerned about installing the new software first and having two competing security software packages on the system at the same time.

Curious on strategy if anyone has ever been in a similar scenario. We'd like to use our K1000 to accomplish the task although I'm not sure if we would need to script out something or if there is a way for it to be handled as a managed installation.

Thank you all!
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  • In a batch file I run: start /wait /min wmic product where "name like '%%YOUR SOFTWARE NAME IN ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS%%'" call uninstall
    GL -Paul

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you create an MI that is a zip with the uninstall and install and a batch to call both one after the other. 
Answered 08/15/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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Thanks, SMal.tmcc.

I'm thinking this can be accomplished with the 'start' cmd in batch. I would need to ensure that the removal application finishes running prior to the next installer launching. Do you believe the actions below would accomplish what I need?

start /w /b "uninstall.exe"
start /w /b "install.exe"

I'm not sure if I have to specify any type of pause argument since I think /w waits until the application ends and then exits. 
Answered 08/15/2014 by: dtobias_keenan
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  • here is one I did for hyland software.

    rem this is to uninstall 11,12.x activeX controls, 11,12.x unity client
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{5D9322FD-A80D-4F75-97DD-DA351CBD1CF4} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{272A9E7E-CDF6-4C3F-B218-FB6440CAA0D8} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{6CFB900E-599A-4F7E-A066-581E0F61F7DB} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{D0A70D38-FC9F-49B8-8E78-AAF154C7B43A} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{F6919958-537B-402A-8865-38B69827406F} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /x{4A512F45-5B61-4C82-AD95-6EF50D985493} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /x{CCC385E8-E40B-4976-843F-E4A9DECDD336} /qn
    rem VPD uninstalls
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{07BF48A0-EC0E-44C0-9DDC-8BAB6D91D25A} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{BD457496-3651-49D9-9760-42D4D5AE1A04} /qn
    start /wait MsiExec.exe /X{44980069-857B-4088-9E52-D04C61D76FB5} /qn

    md "c:\ProgramData\Hyland"
    xcopy "Truckee.xml" "C:\ProgramData\Hyland" /q /y
    start /wait msiexec.exe /i "Hyland Web ActiveX Controls.msi" /qb!
    start /wait msiexec.exe /i "Hyland Unity Client.msi" ADDLOCAL=Unity_Client,ApplicationEnabler,VirtualPrintDriverListener AE_DEFAULTFILE="C:\ProgramData\Hyland\Truckee.xml" CREATE_DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS="1" CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUTS="1" SERVICE_LOCATION_DATA_SOURCE="obNSHE" SERVICE_LOCATION_DISPLAY_NAME="NSHE" SERVICE_LOCATION_NT_AUTH="false" SERVICE_LOCATION_SERVICE_PATH="https://yhhe.onbaseonline.com/1302AppNet/service.asmx" /quiet
    start /wait regedit /s hyland.reg
Thanks, SMal.tmcc. Based on this, I'm pretty sure I can adapt it to my scenario. Appreciate the help and example.
Answered 08/15/2014 by: dtobias_keenan
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