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From time to time our K1000 redirects to the login page when saving a script or using the run now option. Most of the time I can log back in, and other times I cannot. The behavior when I can login brings me to an blank script detail page with my changes lost. When I cannot login, it takes me to a blank page with the only option to clear my cache, dump the tab and relaunch. 

  • Using Google Chrome (haven't tried other browsers because I'm hard-headed)
  • Didn't start until the v.9.0.270 upgrade
  • I've performed a reboot of the appliance

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  • clear cookies etc, OR try to use an Incognito Tab and see if the same thing happens.

    Also that happens you have +3 tabs open (pointing to the same KACE Admin UI)

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Are you going to /admin or /adminui? for your start page?

That is usually something on the open page crashed.  I went to using FF and do not have that problem any longer

Answered 02/13/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I have had this same issue many times. It doesn't happen everytime, but I have had it happen on numerous occasions now where I will go to save a script or managed install and it directs me to the login page... then all my work is lost. I use Chrome, I never really have more than one KACE tab open, and go to the adminui.
    • Yes, I go to adminui as well. I will admit I commonly have 10+ tabs open, but this didn't happen prior to the v.9.0.270 upgrade. Where would be the proper place to list this as a bug?

I would also think that this would need to be reported to KACE Technical Support. I believe you can submit an issue by using the following link:


You will need to login to your account in order to do so.

Answered 02/14/2019 by: rruhl
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