Whenever i try to deploy patches for let's say: "VLC, Skype, Java, Flash or Shockwave" with the K1000 (server and client are completely up to date) after each patch it needs to reboot. Why is that? It is extremely annoying and unnecessary right? For certain Win updates i can understand it needs to reboot but for these kindoff patches?

We are using Win7 64 bit. Whenever i deploy this software with lets say a "managed install" no reboot is ever needed?

An even bigger problem is the fact that it asks for a reboot after EACH SINGLE patch. And won't continue with installing more patches from the same task before it has rebooted. Is this a bug? Can someone shed some light on this?

Just to clarify: i have enabled the option "No reboot". But the patch log shows "reboot pending" after the first patch of a series of patches is deployed.

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