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I'm having trouble getting a certain application to install correctly as a managed installation. If i run the installer locally using the same install string, it works fine. When I upload it to the K1, and call it as a managed installation, it gives 3 errors regarding "This program may not have installed correctly", even though it does. The problem is, these error messages stop the installer from finishing, and i have to then manually close them for it to continue, which isn't really going to work as I have a few hundred labs. Here is one example: (The main installer calls these other 3)


Is there a fundamental difference between how Managed installations work versus simply calling the install via command line manually? Other than running as NT_SYSTEM, is there anything else that can cause this?

This is the install string used to install simul8:
SETUPS8_EDU_UPGRADE.EXE /s DIR:"C:\Program Files\SIMUL8auto" LIC:"xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"
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The managed install uses LocalSystem to install the software which doesn't have admin rights.  I would suspect that when you run it manually, you have an admin account.

I think you will find that installing without an admin account is causing your issue.  If that is the case, you will probably have to switch your install from a managed install to a Kscript.

It's also possible that the application has to install something in a user context and isn't able to do so when running as LocalSystem.  Either way, PSexec should show you a direction to go in.
Answered 05/06/2016 by: jknox
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