Hello All,

I'm a new employee for an organization that utilizes K1000. They use it to push scripts, track work tickets, and create/deploy system images. I don't know much about the capabilities or limits for K1000, but the process here is so slow and sometimes unconventional. They're a great group of co-workers, but prior to this I came from another organization that utilized SCCM and they had their processes down so they could churn out several dozen machines without an issue.

One technician here imaged a system then created a system image through Backup and Restore onto an external drive and proceeded to restore the image onto a batch of computers. I don't even... and it appears they're not removing the default recovery partitions because "It caused problems when it was removed." ...

I admit, I'm fairly new to the IT world beyond Help Desk/basic Desktop Support. I have an Associates but I feel like I know enough to fumble my way through anything too crazy.

Where can I get training/mentorship on the best practices for creating/deploying an image with K1000? I believe my co-workers went through training before I got here, so I don't think they'll be springing to pay for training to me because everyone has said they'll show me.. but, as I've described it seems adhoc and messy.

Please help, I would appreciate it.

- HorizonThief.
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The K1000 is not meant to deploy images, you want the K2000 appliance.  Any method you devise to deploy an image with the K1 will not be as efficient and will probably not be supported.

With that said, it sounds like your co-workers are fairly clueless to OSD.  I would not follow in their footsteps, since doing so is probably how they got that way and they're just perpetuating an inefficient method.
Answered 11/21/2016 by: nheyne
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  • My apologies,

    It looks like we use both K1000 and K2000. I've only been introduced KACE recently, and did not realize the difference in the two.

    Any suggestions on where I can find proper training or useful online guides? I can't seem to find anything really meaty or written in an introductory manner.

    Thank you.
    • This is your best start: https://documents.software.dell.com/k2000-systems-deployment-appliance/3.7.1/administrator-guide/

      For specific issues you can search this site, a lot of the basics have been asked and answered here.
      • Thank you Nheyne,

        I'll read through that over Thanksgiving break. Hopefully after I'll have lots of questions to look up! :)
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I really like our KKE videos which discuss such things.
They are a great ressource to really understand the KACE appliances.
This one is for Imaging: https://support.software.dell.com/k2000-systems-deployment-appliance/kb/156518
When I was new to the KACE world I watched every day one video and tested in my lab.
Answered 11/21/2016 by: Nico_K
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  • Thanks Nico!

    I'll give that a watch tonight or tomorrow. I really appreciate the suggestion.
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Or if you would like a customized, structured training program put together for you and delivered via the web in bite sized chunks, check out https://kacetraining.com/
Answered 11/25/2016 by: Hobbsy
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