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On my work, poeple use work computer and personal computer. I would like to know how many poeple use a personal computer at work.
It's is possible to add personal computer on K1000 inventory ? (use agentless inventoring ?)
Could you help me please for this ?

PS : i use K1000 6.2
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  • Try a port scan and then you can see which hostnames are not yours.
  • i have a lot of ip range, check manualy result is very long...
  • We found BYOD very hard to police. As much as we try to not encourage user owned devices in some cases we had no choice. We ended up dropping a script into the AD profile that installed the Kace agent and modified the firewall on the user devices.
  • well, I would check all systems which connect to the proxy and/or DHCP server and don't have an AD account.
  • We have a lot of personal computer and we have no choice... For the moment IT do not have accès on personal computer, it's not possible for me to install kace agent on a personal computer. But i have see on version 6.3 release note, it's possible to add computer on inventory agentless. Have you test this fonctionnality ?
    • yes been beta testing they use snmp, so if the BYOD device does not have snmp setup correctly it does you nothing more then a scan would do.

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