I am running AMPTools through my VBScript to reprogram orphaned agents with the new server name.

The script and process run great however I get the Command Prompt window popup whilst AMPTools stops and starts services. This would be nice to hide if possible.


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I think it's better to script the editing of the AMP.conf file and restart the services yourself. That way, at least you're sure that the modification has succeeded.

The KACE utilities don't give a return/success value, so you're never really sure that everything went well... (could be improved)


Answered 05/24/2013 by: Magnum_
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Two ideas:

1. copy the amp.conf directly not modify via amptools.

2. use cmdhide to do hide the command window

Answered 05/24/2013 by: Nico_K
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CMDHIDE? Why not simply start CScript with 'START /B' instead?

Answered 05/24/2013 by: VBScab
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  • because it not works always ( not with XP for instance as I have learned recently)
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Thanks all,

I have gone with using CScript to call the new script from my logon script this has kept all the command prompt windows hidden as the machines I am currently pushing to are Windows 7. Will keep an eye out when I come to any XP machines.


Answered 05/24/2013 by: Karllen
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