Hi really needing help with this one as it driving me mad!

I'm trying to deliver a VPN upgrade to our current domain machines, they are all on various versions of the AT&T Managed VPN client and we need to upgrade them to version 8.10.

The problem that we face is that the installation first removes the previous version and requires a reboot, because we have different sites globally we have different billing codes for each area and these settings must be retained to automate the process so we have a custom property we use in the command line to retain these settings during the uninstall/install procedure.

The problem comes when the previous version is uninstalled and then reboots the machine, from what I can gather the .msi renames the config file that has the user details reboots the machine and installs the upgrade setting the renamed settings file back to the correct path/name.

When the machines reboots and the user logs on an error that "SYSTEM" previously started an installation is displayed and the installation then halts with changes made reverted and a series of reboots are required.

I've tried the delivery using "Install with administrative privileges" for the program which is usign the SYSTEM account and produces this error.

I've only managed to complete the full upgrade when settings are "When no user is logged on" and then it isn't satisfactory as we retain all the user settings but authentication fails when running the VPN client as apparently the install must complete under a user context.

Has anyone any ideas at all how we might overcome this as I've tried first uninstalling the app then adding a entry to the CURRENT_USER/RunOnce key to call a .cmd file to launch the installation but user rights prevent the execution in this manner.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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Have you tried Reboot=ReallySupress - Passing it to the uninstall of the previous version.



Answered 09/11/2012 by: baldawa
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How about backing up the config file to a different location & copying it back once the task is done. Also have u checked if the reboot is really necessary. Is it not possible to reboot once after the uninstall/install is done.

Answered 09/12/2012 by: hrs2cool
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Have you tried using Windows Active Setup to complete the installation?  This sets the application to repair the user settings when the user logs on.  Run in System context with "no user logged on" and then specify the component to use Active Setup to complete the user portion.  See http://blogs.msdn.com/b/aruns_blog/archive/2011/11/02/10176957.aspx for more details and explanation.

Answered 11/05/2012 by: mearsma
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