So I have created a batch file that Uninstalls CS6 Wesign and Web Premiem and then installs our Adobe Creative Cloud Package. It works great as a scripted installation (well as great as anyone can do anything with Adobe products) when the user is logged on. However, It takes a good 2 and a half hours to complete, so I would rather have it run at nights when nobody is logged on. When I try to run it on a computer with no active use, nothing happens. Below is the script and the settings in the installation. Does anyone have an idea why it woun't work?


REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO Kill running proccesses
CALL TASKKILL /im iexplore.exe /f
CALL TASKKILL /im firefox.exe /f
CALL TASKKILL /im acrord32.exe /f
CALL TASKKILL /im acrobat.exe /f
CALL TASKKILL /im photoshop.exe /f
CALL TASKKILL /im msiexec.exe /f

REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ECHO Map a drvie letter to software installer

REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ECHO Copy files needed
XCOPY Y:\*.* C:\Adobe_Install\ /E /Q /Y

REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ECHO Uninstall Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium
"C:\Adobe_Install\Setup.exe" --mode=Silent --deploymentFile="C:\Adobe_Install\uninstall-en_US.xml"

REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ECHO Install Full Adobe CC (x64)
CALL msiexec /i "C:\Adobe_Install\build\CC ALL 64.msi" /qn

REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ECHO Remove Drive mapping
RD /Q /S ""C:\Adobe_Install"


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  • I'm curious why you're performing the install as a script instead of a managed install. We built managed install for Creative Cloud and they worked well.

    Also, if you open a command prompt as system can you run your batch script? Sometimes there are commands that don't work well when run as system. It's possible that your drive mapping is failing even though you are specifying the username and password in the net use command.
  • Because the deployment usually takes longer than 2 hours, I somehow got it in my head that a managed install would think that it kept failing and start over each time it checked in. Which is why I made it into a script.

    I created a managed install and it works sometimes but not others. I can't find any correlation as to why. All the machines that I have tried it on have not had users logged on, are Windows 7 64 bit, it has worked across different domains, but has succeeded and failed on computers in the same department with the same GPs.

    Would you mind sharing how you do yours? I am more than ready to be done with this project.
    • We created the packages using the Creative Cloud Packager. We then create an install.bat which contains the installation commands, you could include your uninstall commands at that point if you want. We also chose to create individual installers for the different creative cloud apps since not all users would need everything from the suite. Even with doing that many of the packages are almost 2 GB. Once the packages were created we setup the managed installs as you normally would.
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