Like the title says i run agent deployments at noon every day to 300+ machines in case a new one is imaged and stuck out there for a user. The machines under the "Provisioning Results"  about 10-100 will show up that already have the agent. Why is this? What does it mean?


EDIT: Big picture link http://i.imgur.com/ynuSFEP.png

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  • If you are targeting a range they will still show up as you are going through all the IP's in that range. They won't provisioning out to the machines that already have it. You can change your provision to only start 101-255 if you like but if a machine gets an IP below 100, the modified provision won't see it.
  • i have every IP being hit in the provisioning out of laziness. So there is nothing to worry about with those ones showing up in the Results page?
  • Yeah. It is saying that the provisioning attempt itself succeeded. (Or as KACE puts it, SUCCEDED *eye sore*).

    If you click on the specific computer name, it'll give more information as to whether it installed or if it was already detected.
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