As many of you have probably noticed, the emails generated by the KACE service desk are pretty bland. Our users often complain that they cannot discern which text in the message is from out comments and what is just garble from the system. Have any of you been able to turn up HTML in service desk emails without going through professional services? If so, how did you accomplish this? Thank you for any responses.
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  • I don't believe that this is possible without professional services.

    Please do check out Uservoice for this: http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000?query=HTML
    • I already posted the recommendation a while ago. I just wasn't sure if there was a way to do it since v6.0 was released.
  • It is embarrassing that they do not have this available. no HTML and the inability to send attachments for ticket responses cannot compete against other solutions, including free ones.
    • There are at least a few features I can think of where KACE gets put to shame by free/less expensive solutions. Like how spiceworks can tell me when printers need supplies, and generate decent emails, and .... the list could go on. I will say that KACE does do a lot of things better. I just hope it catches up on some of these small items that could really enhance the user experience.
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