I installed HP Quality Control Client 10 using the vendor provided QCClient.msi. On launching the URL http://qualitycenter.xxx.com:8080/qcbin/start_a.htm in admin account, its working fine. But while trying to launch it with user acccount, its asking for UAC 'This webpage wants to run the following add-on: 'CAPICOM' from 'Microsoft Corporation' with Allow button. when I click on allow, same message coming with another add-on 'Spider Module' and clicking allow, its working. I can not capture it with any tool as admin activities are blocked by group policies. Both capicom.dll and spider10.ocx are installed to appllication directory. I am not sure whats missing when launching with User acccount. 

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  • >I can not capture it with any tool as admin activities are blocked by group policies
    You must, must, MUST have a specially-prepared box for packaging applications, preferably a VM (to enable a quick return to known, saved states). This machine will have a bare-bones OS, no anti-virus and so on. If using a VM, you can then clone this to your heart's content, adding apps as you go so that if, for example, you're packaging an application which requires MS Office, you can switch quickly to a machine with it.

    The joy the VM approach is that you can choose to not have them joined to a domain and will thus be free of GP, automatic OS update, etc., etc.
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