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We have computers with Kace agent 5.4 installed pointing to old kace box.

We have a new 6.4 kace box and want to move computers to it. How do I update the kace agent on the computers and point them to the new kace box?

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I assume the new box has a different IP address. 

I would deploy the agent .msi via as a GPO. Modify the .msi to include your new Kbox name or ip address. 

For example, say ampagent-6.4.522-x86.msi is the original agent installer name. Rename that and add _your FQDN to make the installer name ampagent-6.4.522_yourorgname.com.msi  or your IP address instead of a FQDN
Answered 07/12/2016 by: rockhead44
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First you'd have to check to see if you can go from the 5.4 agent to the 6.4 agent. You may have to do it in stages to reach the minimum or remove the 5.4 and install a fresh 6.4 pointing to the new server.

You can use your old kbox to also run a script that calls the amptools.exe that is located on all machines with an agent with the parameter host=

example: amptools.exe host= new name of your kbox server (FQDN). 

that will then stop the kaces services, change the amp.conf file to the new host name and restart the service. Once it is pointing to the new server, if you have the minimum version to go to 6.4 agent, you can set up the new KBOX to push out via the Agent Update are under Provisioning. 
Answered 07/12/2016 by: nshah
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Ok, I contacted Dell support and they told my our Kace 5.4.1 agent is not compatible for upgrade. So, I have to remove the 5.4.1 agent from the computers and then provision with the Kace 6.4 agent. Thanks for all your comments. This is definitely a learning curve.
Answered 07/13/2016 by: kjroxby
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