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Hi, I have the below command needs to be set in the StubPath. It worked fine in DOS, but does not work in StubPath key. I tried to change %appdata% to hardcoded path and it worked. Can anyone please tell me how should I variablise %appdata%? Thanks.

xcopy C:\Atlas\GlobeSoftware %appdata%\GlobeSoftware\ /e /c /y


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cmd /c "xcopy %SystemDrive%\Atlas\GlobeSoftware %AppData%\GlobeSoftware\ /e /c /y"
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StubPath value should be like this

cmd /c "xcopy C:\Atlas\GlobeSoftware %AppData%\GlobeSoftware\ /e /c /y"

Answered 07/19/2012 by: jagadeish
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  • You can use %SystemDrive% in place of C:
    cmd /c "xcopy %SystemDrive%\Atlas\GlobeSoftware %AppData%\GlobeSoftware\ /e /c /y"
  • APPDATA=C:\Users\[CurrentlyLoggedInUser]\AppData\Roaming
    in Windows 7

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try to create a StubPath value as REG_EXPAND_SZ (by default will be set to  REG_SZ). 

Answered 07/19/2012 by: krulik
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Thanks for everyone's help especially jagadeish. Simply adding cmd /c in front of the command worked. I really like this forum because I can find so many warmhearted people with similar interest. Thanks again!

Answered 07/22/2012 by: nbafifa02
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I have too faced this issue before. Somehow I think Windows/CMD does not resolve the username properly through this. I may be wrong. I have even tried using a Powershell Script and it too does not work. The only thing which works perfectly fine is a VBScript.

Create a VBScript to copy this file and call VBScript in StubPath. I assure you it will work fine.

Take the script from here:


Answered 07/19/2012 by: piyushnasa
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