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Hello ITNINJA!!!!

I am still fairly new to building installers...so hopefully this is very easy for you more seasoned pro's out there.

I am using InstallShield 2012 Spring - Pro.

After some reading and digging I am able to use a System Search to get XML values that I place into public properties that are used to populate Edit controls on dialogs.  Pretty fun to actually figure that out. :)

ISSUE: If the user changes the Edit control values originating from the original XML file...I am unable to update the XML on the target machine to reflect the change.

I have the edit control "Property" set to the same public property that was generated from the initial XML file system search.  If I am reading the documentation correctly, the public property should be updated with the contents of the edit control. 

RESULT: The XML file is not updated with the new value entered in the edit control.

Is there some Event of some type that I need to add in the Control Event table to get this functioning as I need it to?  I've tried several different things with no luck so far.


Thank you in advance!


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